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IP Location Finder

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Examples #

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Description #

IP Location Finder allows you to get geolocation and some other information about an IP address. Find out where the IP address is hosted, what is the name of the Autonomous System (AS) that this address belong to, and what is its reverse record domain name.

The tool provides ASN and BGP information, which is directly related with routing and connections of networks in the Internet. It may help you find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for a given IP address. In many cases, however, smaller ISPs do not own their own AS and belong under an AS of a bigger provider.

Another information returned by the IP Location tool is a reverse DNS host. This is a valuable information in case you are dealing with spam. Almost every trustworthy mail server does have a reverse DNS record that helps to identify it. If a machine without a reverse DNS record attempts to send emails, it is suspicious and many mail servers refuse to accept emails from such senders.

Note that the geolocation information might not always be accurate. The Internet continuously changes and thus it is not possible to have a completely accurate database.

For your convenience we also provide links to further investigate the given IP address. WHOIS check is the best way to find an owner of the network to which the IP address directly belongs. WHOIS record associated with an IP address usually contains an abuse contact information that you can use in case you experience any kind of intrusive behavior from that IP address. Checking against mail blacklists can give you a better information on whether the IP address is known to be bad or not. Traceroute tool can help you find a network route to the target machine, to which the IP address is associated. Pinging the IP address will tell you how fast the target machine can be reached with an IP packet from our server.

Usage #

Simply type an IP address or a host to the input field and hit the Show Location! button. A map with target machine location will appear together with a table with additional information about the target. Note that if you specify a host name, it will be translated to an IP address before the data are obtained.

Limits #

  • Host / IP address – You can use any valid host name or IP address except for localhost and special-use addresses.